Build your own Sofa

In Vittello you can buy your sofa to measure and also be able to customize it, you can choose which side you want the chaise longue, the type of material, whether Leather or fabric, color and extras among which we can highlight the motor relax, system of sound, the comfort set, cooled glass …

In this way you will be buying a sofa that adapts perfectly to the available space but also to your personal tastes, building the living room of your dreams.

Meet all the features of our custom made sofas

We will indicate the material in which it will be made with, the upholstery, the color, the size, the thickness and the density … as well as some other factors that are important.

Contact us to answer all your questions!
We know that making a custom sofa can incur a lot of questions, so our customer service will be happy to answer all your questions.

If you are looking for the perfect customized sofa, we will help you find it.

Surely at some time in the life, when buying a sofa online in Spain, you have touched the distance of the room to ensure that logically the sofa would fit in the space designed for him, or we have fallen in love with a ‘chaise longue ‘but its shape of’ L ‘is not long enough and does not fit as we had wanted, or we love that cream leather sofa but its upholstery does not match the other furniture of the home or decoration.

As all this is already part of the past, it is increasingly common to buy the sofa completely customized and customized, both in colors, texture of the upholstery, measures and shape.

The purchase of the sofa is the first piece to choose from within the decoration of the living room, but if it happens that our sofa was chosen wrong or is already old, or simply we need a change of decoration and the sofa no longer fits with it , as we have said before, it is no longer a problem, with the new system for personalizing sofas and ‘chaise longues’, we will surely find the one that fits perfectly with our tastes, preferences and needs.

As we can see in our sofas personalization system, we can choose from the distribution of our sofa, the upholstery, the color or the extras, simple but effective, with these three steps we can obtain a sofa that fits us without complications and made exclusively for us and that fits perfectly in our room.

So do not think about it anymore and choose your custom sofa!