Straight lines, low backs and a lot of elegance. These are the main characteristics of the Arau Sofa. This 3-seater sofa offers the comfort of the Summun model but with a more traditional backrest.

It is a visually very light model and adaptable to any measure. It is very versatile since many combinations can be made and also in Vittello we can adapt it to any size. Thanks to its feather effect filling, it is very comfortable and at the same time has a memory effect so it does not deform.

We can manufacture it with the fabrics and colors that you like and thus offer you a unique sofa. As in the rest of the models in Vittello, we have used a careful selection of materials to offer comfort and design.

The base of its structure is larger than its seat cushions, a feature that sets it apart from any other model.


2 places: 2.05 x 1.02 m
3 places: 2.25 x 1.02 m.
2 seats + chaise longue: 2.74 x 1.92 m.
3 seats + chaise longue: 3.00 x 1.92 m.


Structure: Wood with anti-humidity and anti-parasite treatment.
Siding structure: Polyurethane 20Kg.


Suspension: High resistance elastic band.
Pillow Fanny Pack and Headboard: Polyurethane covered with fiber.
Seat Pillow: Polyurethane 30 kg. covered in fiber.
Legs: Metallic.


July 13, 2016
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