The Chester Sofa is the classic English sofa with curved arms, low backrest and capinoté upholstery. This type of sofa is a classic that dates back to the nineteenth century by the hand of the Earl of Chesterfield, who ordered the manufacture of a sofa so that the nobles could sit upright avoiding uncomfortable postures. This type of sofa is for those who want to give a special and different touch to any room in the house.

Chester sofa with the most classic lines of the English style fused with a more contemporary cut. This type of sofas can be traced back to the XIX century, by the hand of the Earl of Chesterfield, who ordered the making of a sofa so that the nobles could sit up straight avoiding uncomfortable postures. It can be manufactured in leather or fabric.

The sofa of libraries, English clubs, offices, universities and high society, today this type of sofas is a piece of unique style, which will give our space an elegant and sophisticated touch. We can place it both in a classic environment and in a modern one as it combines perfectly with both styles.

A sofa with a unique personality ideal for relaxing.


1 place: 1.08 x 0.95 m.
2 places: 1.62 x 0.95 m.
3 places: 2.15 x 0.95 m.


Structure: Solid wood
Siding structure: Polyurethane 20Kg.


Suspension: Nea elastic band.
Seats: Polyurethane foam covered with fiber.
Backing: Super soft density flexible polyurethane foam.
Pillow Fanny Pack and Headboard: Polyurethane covered with fiber.
Sliding seats and folding backrests.
Seat Pillow: Polyurethane 30 kg. covered in fiber.
Legs: Metallic.

May 10, 2018
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