Model with refined and light lines to achieve that elegant and modern design at the same time, maintaining at all times the maximum comfort thanks to its ergonomic design and foams with our new technology.

Italian design 2 seater sofa in which straight lines are mixed with a traditional style, thus combining design and comfort, one of the main characteristics of Vittello.

To the design of this model, we have added its legs in steel achieving the spectacular finish that has its set.

It has integrated a sliding seat system (so in a specific case we can sleep in it) and folding backs so it offers us the possibility of lying down and relax when we get home, in addition to a fanny pack with Soft fillers that picks us up perfectly the lower back. Thanks to the system of folding backs we get that when downloading it does not take away visual space in our living room. In this design, we have opted for padded arms for those who like to lie on the sofa.

In its arms, we have incorporated an optional folding system, by which we can adjust the arms to different heights.

A feature that enhances and gives elegance to this model is the stitching we have added in their seats with capitone.

35-hour seats with a layer of Biogres (soy foam to get maximum comfort in the sitting).


2 seats 2.06 x 1.05 m.
3 places 2.26 x 1.05 m.
3 seats + chaise longue 3.06 x 1.75 m.


Structure: Wood with anti-humidity and anti-parasite treatment.
Siding structure: Polyurethane 20Kg.


Suspension: High resistance elastic band.
Pillow Fanny Pack and Headboard: Polyurethane covered with fiber.
Seat Pillow: Polyurethane 30 kg. covered in fiber.
Legs: Metallic.
Sliding seats and folding headrest.
Optional: Integrated speakers and iPhone connection.

May 10, 2018
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